Team Training

God has clearly shown us that passing on the dream is important. He did not give us this program to keep it to ourselves, but to pass it on. We are created to pass on life, to multiply.

That is why we offer a training for trainers/leaders. During the training you learn to organize a Dream & Live course or conference with a team. You learn how to teach the lessons, how to write and give appropriate testimonies. And you will be trained in the creative activities. You also learn how all these parts of the program work together. After this training you give a conference or course and we help you where it is needed.

The training can be given at a physical location as well as online, depending on the situation.

Are you interested in following a training to teach the Dream & Live program yourself?

In 2016 I attended a Joseph conference for the first time. I received a lot of truth in regard to forgiveness and God’s mercy towards me and people in general. Using the example of Joseph’s life, God gave healing from pain in parts of my life that I didn’t even know about.

After this I followed a training so I could serve on a team and teach the conference to others. I dug deeper in the life of Joseph. By giving the lessons, telling my personal testimony and playing drama even more truths were revealed to me about our amazing God.

In 2020, it was not possible to hold these conferences in person and we began to make preparations for online conferences and trainings. My personal testimony was recorded and I was once again convicted of the power of forgiveness.

I enjoy serving on our team and I am looking forward to hosting and teaching this beautiful conference again, whether it is in person or online!

Sarah – participant and trainer