In addition to training for leaders of the Dream and Live program, we also offer coaching. Whether you are leading your own Bible study group through the course or are conducting a conference as a team, you will no doubt encounter various questions, difficulties, and uncertainties during the preparations and perhaps during the program itself. We want to help you and your team where we can.

Over the past few years, Dream and Live has grown enormously. Various teams are now active all over the world. We support these teams with a lot of love, but the support hours increase as well. That’s why we offer the following:
After completing the training, when starting up a new team you can ask all your questions at once during a 40 minute Zoom call (by appointment). This is completely free of charge.

If you need more advice or support, we offer you a coaching subscription of 2 hours via Zoom, for 25 Euros.

Gather all your questions and share them with us. We are happy to help you!