Sometimes you come across something in your life that is unique. You could almost pass by it. You’d almost think it’s like anything else you’ve seen. But then your eye catches it, the color draws your attention, a small twinkle makes you stop. You watch, you listen. And then you discover that it is unique. That is what Dream and Live is, it is unique!

Unique because the project originated from a dream that God gave. Unique because church leaders from different countries ask: “Please come also to us! “. Unique because you can receive teaching in many places; but education that renews your life is much scarcer. Unique because it transcends cultures and carries with it an almost universal life change. Unique because the power is not in the material, but in the all-encompassing of the program as a whole.

Even the word program is actually out of place; it is an experience. Only when you go through the experience will it bear fruit in your life. Dream and Live asks you not to stand on the sidelines like a spectator. The program and the leaders help you to open your heart and walk with God.

That makes Dream and Live a challenge. Your life is mirrored in the life of Joseph. Looking in the mirror of your own life can be confronting. But if the mirror that is held up to you is God’s mirror, you will see that at the center of this confrontation there is an endlessly loving Father. The Father who knows your trauma, pain, fear and grief, yes, your entire life course. And you can bring all the baggage that you carry to the cross of Jesus Christ. With Him is healing, restoration and liberation.

That is Dream and Live: not theory, but practice. Much needed in our broken world!

Heartily recommended.

Pim v. A,
director of People International Netherlands

Dream and Live – the course

Our church acted as a pilot for the course format of Dream end Live. Such a course fits very well in a local congregation. Reflecting, being confronted, but also meeting God in those places in your life where you hardly dare to go to by yourself. Those shadow places in your life do not disappear by themselves, that is only possible when the light of God shines on those deeply hidden places of our existence.

I wholeheartedly recommend the course to any church that is willing to take responsibility for its members.

Jan Wolsheimer

Programs don’t change lives – God does.

But after several years of working with this pastoral encouragement program, I can say that God is using it in a special way.

People always leave the conference lighter than they came; a remaining pile of ash tells the story of the pain and sorrow that was written down, taken to the cross and eventually burned.

The program is simple, but not simplistic. Pastoral, but not soft. Intensive, but not boring. The clear biblical storyline of Joseph provides recognition and guidance.

The program is a fine balance of teaching, testimony, drama, conversation and creativity – all aimed at taking the participant in processing wounds from the past, bringing all those things to Jesus, and taking steps in freedom in Him.
Warmly recommended!

Team member

I personally describe the course as:

‘Experiencing God’s Word of truth by the Holy Spirit, seeking spiritual restoration & healing by extensive in-depth examination of the Biblical story of Joseph & his family applied to our own lives. Personal life stories are examined in light of Scripture. Scripture is experienced through Bible stories, drama, discussion, music, arts, crafts, dance, eating together, community time, prayer alone, prayer with others and rest/meditation.’


This conference is exactly what my people need.

I want spiritually healthy brothers and sisters, not ones that are walking around crippled and broken emotionally from their past. I could talk to any one of the participants and would only hear wonderful things of how God used our time together to open up hearts and bring healing to pain that was hidden away, blocking their growth in Christ. This conference was a milestone in the spiritual lives of these men and women and they can’t stop talking about how God has used it for His glory.

Pastor K. in Central Asia

We attended the Joseph conference…

with a group of 12 Iranians. The spiritual depth of the program is outstanding. The conference helps the participants to think about their own life and soul and stimulates to discuss life-determining events with God and, if necessary, give them to him.
The many creative presentations and methods help to process all the different life lessons.

The responses from our participants showed that the course has done them well. They got inspired to clean up their lives. We heartily recommend the Dream & Live conference to you!

Henno Smit,
pastor in Amsterdam, The Netherlands