During this four-day conference we follow the story of the life of Joseph and his family. As his father’s favorite Joseph received dreams from God. He was rejected by his brothers, sold into slavery, unfairly accused and put to prison. In the end Joseph became an important leader. In all these stages of life God was with Joseph and shaped him through his suffering.

Both men and women can learn great life changing lessons out of Joseph’s walk through life. The strength of this conference lies in its practical application. Through studies, discussion groups, drama, sports and creativity, you will discover what lives in your heart. Your own family upbringing, major life events, different temptations and disappointments. They all have their effect on your life. You learn to face your broken dreams and losses. You find the power of forgiveness, start to listen to God’s voice and discover more about God’s plan for your life. As a beloved son or daughter you will grow into a deeper relationship with God and you will notice changes in your role as church member, spouse, parent and friend.

“My wife wanted me to attend this conference and together we have found God and each other again. By making my life line I started to see what had happened during those difficult times of my life. After being separated from my wife for seven years, God wants me to reunite with her by asking for forgiveness.”
Robert – participant
(Through the testimony of her husband, Robert’s wife became aware that she had never really understood what Robert had experienced in his life. During the conference she also saw her own part in those difficult years of their relationship.)

“I was invited to play a part in a drama piece. At first I was a bit giggly about it. But God shook me up and spoke powerfully through this piece to me. I’ve never experienced something like this in my life.”