The Dream and Live program as a course

Would you like to dive deeper into Joseph’s life together with a group of friends or a small group from your church? You discover what Joseph’s walk with God can teach you in a safe, familiar setting close to home.

The leader of the group first receives a training (see team training). He or she will then lead the group through the program, using the leaders handbook. All the participants will get a course book.

The course can take on different forms. The group can meet one evening a week for 9 weeks and then close the course with a full day together. Or the group meets every Saturday for one month.

The course is flexible in design and low in costs. As a group you can decide what best suits your situation.

“I have learned that all emotions are created by God and that we are allowed and should express them. I have a choice in how I deal with these emotions; do I bring them to God or do I plant a seed of bitterness in my heart. ”


“I got to know God better. I always saw Him as a strict, judgmental though righteous Father. I have learned that judgment is not there because of what Jesus has done for me. God is now a loving Father. ”